Roster-based CSV Integration


The file must be a Comma-Separated Value file (CSV) with the number and order of columns exactly as listed. The columns marked Required must have the specified type of data present or importing will not occur. All other columns may be left blank, but must still be present in the file. If a field is not able to be included and is not required, that field should be left blank.


If your CSV does not include Release Date, CorEMR will "sync" the active population with the full list. Please indicate to CorEMR if your export will be including the Release Date; we will default to assuming you will, which will result in patients not being released from the system.


A preload file is not required when using a Roster-based CSV integration.

Column Mapping

1Last NameString(255)Y
2First NameString(255)Y
3Middle NameString(255)
4Patient IDString(17)YPatient’s unique number used to track the individual across all bookings.
5Birth DateDateY
6SSNString(11)SSNs only benefit detecting merge candidates and is not recommended to be transmitted.
7SexString(7)Y"Male", "Female", or "Unknown".
8RaceString(255)"American Indian or Alaskan Native", "Asian", "Black or African American", "Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander", or "White".
9FacilityString(32)YDetermines CorEMR facility patient belongs in. Unused in single-facility installations.
10AgencyString(255)Billing Agency: String passed to pharmacy for billing purposes. Example: ICE, USM, County, etc.
13Booking NumberString(32)Y
14Booking DateDatetimeY
15Release DateDatetime
16HeightIntegerMeasured in inches.
17Photo PathString(255)


Minimal Example

This lists an example of the bare minimum data one row can contain.


Extended Example

"Jasperson","Peter","James","356009","1992-11-16","555555555","Male","White","FACTEST","County","Block","Pod 4 : Cell 6","2017122516201","2018-06-06T16:20","","70","exampleface.jpg"