CorEMR policy is a minimum of two weeks of testing prior to facility "go live". This gives time to validate proper functioning without damaging production data.

Patient Demographics and Bookings (JMS)

CorEMR implement one-directional patient demographic and booking integrations.

File Transfer Mechanism

Files are dropped to a mapped local share folder on the CorEMR application server. The path will be provided. In some cases an FTP/SFTP service is established by the county to transfer files. Patient photos can also be transmitted in the data transfer. Patient photos are not a required element, but most facilities ask to have photos implemented as it enhances identification and patient care.


Filenames do not have to be specific but must be unique to avoid overwriting previous messages. For the purpose of uniformity and troubleshooting, you can name starting with DEM followed by an identifying number (like the booking number). Then append differentiating information to the booking number such as military time shorthand (e.g. DEM12345678_0400.ini).


CorEMR has limited built-in configurations for grouping/blocking patient locations. Location should be provided with some standardization. More details are provided to the facility in our preintegration check document.

Multiple Facilities

CorEMR installations may be divided into one or more internal "facilities" to keep the larger physicality of the patients separate. Each facility will have a unique abbreviation and distinct name for usability and organization. Our policy is to only separate into multiple facilities if the installation has separate physical areas, such as buildings, annexes, etc. JMS integrations can receive a facility abbreviation/code to allow CorEMR to place the patient in the correct facility.


CorEMR can implement one or two-directional pharmacy integrations.

Patient-Specific Medications

All versions of CorEMR are able to send patient-specific medication messages to pharmacies.

Stock Medications

CorEMR versions 6 or higher are able to send stock medication messages.

Lab Results

CorEMR implements a one-directional lab result integration.

Radiology Results