Patient Import CSV

Minimum CorEMR Version: 5.2


The file must be a Comma-Separated Value file (CSV) with the number and order of columns exactly as listed. The columns marked Required must have the specified type of data present or importing will not occur. All other columns may be left blank, but must still be present in the file. If a field is not able to be included and is not required, that field should be left blank.


When importing this file, CorEMR will attempt to find an existing chart matching the given Patient ID value. If not found, a new chart and booking entry will be created. If found, that row is skipped. This means this format only works for importing patient data once.

Column Mapping

1Patient IDString(17)YPatient’s unique number used to track the individual across all bookings.
2FacilityString(32)NIf the system is running multiple facilities, this must match a CorEMR facility code. Any blank values will be put into the facility the user is currently logged into.
3First NameString(255)Y
4Middle NameString(255)
5Last NameString(255)Y
6Birth DateDateY
7SexString(7)Y"Male", "Female", or "Unknown".
8Booking NumberString(32)Y
9Booking DateDatetimeY
11RaceString(255)"American Indian or Alaskan Native", "Asian", "Black or African American", "Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander", or "White".
12EthnicityString(11)"Hispanic" or "Non-Hispanic"
13HeightIntegerMeasured in inches.
14WeightIntegerMeasured in US pounds.
15Eye ColorString
16Hair ColorString
22Location BlockString
23Location PodString
24Location CellString
25Location FullStringIf location is not separated in different fields, this FULL location can be provided.


We recommend headerless CSV files to cutdown on filesizes.

Minimal Example

This lists an example of the bare minimum data one row can contain.


Full Example

"24334784","CORTEST","Allison","Bernice","Franks","1984-10-04","Female","2018032015451","2018-03-20T15:45:00Z","555555555","White","Non-Hispanic","63","115","Blue","Blonde","1145 Hobble Creek Canyon Rd","Springville","UT","84660,",,,"HIGHROAD : 01 : 12","NKMA"