Formulary CSV Import v3

Minimum CorEMR Version: 5.5.4


The file must be a Comma-Separated Value file (CSV) with the number and order of columns exactly as listed. The columns marked Required must have the specified type of data present or importing will not occur. All other columns may be left blank, but must still be present in the file. If a field is not able to be included and is not required, that field should be left blank.


CorEMR will attempt to match the NDC Number with existing formulary entries. If found, the formulary entry will be updated. If not found, a new entry is created.

Strength Number and Measurement

With Formulary V3, Strength was initially implemented as two fields (Strength Number and Strength Measurement). This is no longer the case: the actual strength should go into the Strength Number field and Strength Measurement should be left blank.

Container Type

Specifying the physical container medication units are stored in assists the user in identifying the medication. If not provided, the software will assume this value based on the provided Form.

Drug Cost

The format supports both an absolute and relative unit price. Both values will be stored if sent, but absolute will take precedence in the software. With Relative Cost, the metric used to rate medications is left solely to the pharmacy.

Column Mapping

1NDC NumberString(11)Y
3RX Norm IDInteger
4Therapeutic CategoryString(255)USP Therapeutic Category name.
5Brand NameString(255)
6Generic NameString(255)Y
7Strength NumberString(255)Y
8Strength MeasurementString(255)No longer used. Leave blank.
9FormString(255)YNCPDP Dosage Form (ie, CAPSULE, TABLET, etc.).
10Patient-Specific Container TypeStringSPL Unit of Presentation (ie, BOX, BLISTER PACK, etc.) describing physical container units are stored in for patient-specific medication. **Required to allow patient-specific medication.**
11Stock Container TypeStringSPL Unit of Presentation (ie, BOX, BLISTER PACK, etc.) describing physical container units are stored in for stock medication. **Required to allow stock medication.**
12Units per Stock ContainerIntegerNumber of units per container (eg, pills per bottle). **Required to allow stock medication.**
13Absolute CostFloatIf stock medication, price of the container itself. If patient-specific medication, price per unit.
14Relative CostInteger(1 to 5)1 being least expensive and 5 being most expensive. If stock medication, rating of the container itself. If patient-specific medication, rating per unit.
15Controlled Substance ScheduleInteger(1 to 5)
16Preferred by PharmacyBoolY
18PhotoBase64-Encoded StringNot Yet Implemented; Reserved for future use.


"NDC Number","GPI","RX Norm ID","Therapeutic Category","Brand Name","Generic Name","Strength Number","Strength Measurement","Form","Patient-Specific Container Type","Stock Container Type","Units per Stock Container","Absolute Cost","Relative Cost","Controlled Substance Schedule","Preferred by Pharmacy","Agency","Photo"
"13668021990","","","","ABILIFY","ARIPIPRAZOLE","15","MG","TABLET","BLISTER PACK","BOTTLE","30","1.25","","","1","",""