Active Medication CSV Import

Minimum CorEMR Version: 5.2


CorEMR requires patients and all possible providers be in the system before importing medications.


The file must be a Comma-Separated Value file (CSV) with the text, number, and order of columns exactly as listed. The columns marked Required must have the specified type of data present or importing will not occur. All other columns may be left blank, but must still be present in the file. If a field is not able to be included and is not required, that field should be left blank.

Patient Matching

CorEMR will attempt to match the Patient ID/Booking Number field with an existing chart in the system. The field CorEMR will match on is selectable when importing.

Provider Matching

CorEMR will attempt to match the Provider DEA field with an existing provider in the system.

Column Mapping

1RX NumberString(255)YUnique patient prescription number.
2Patient IDString(32)YPatient’s unique number used to track the individual across all bookings.
3Medication Generic NameString(255)Y
4Medication Brand NameString(255)
5Medication NDCString(11)
6Medication StrengthString(255)Y
7Medication FormString(255)Y
8Total DosesIntegerY
9Units per DoseIntegerY
12Expanded SignatureString(255)Not Yet Implemented
13Provider Last NameString(255)Y
14Provider First NameString(255)Y
15Provider DEAString(9)Y
16Date PrescribedDateY
17Start DateDateY
18End DateDateY
19RefillsIntegerYIf number of refills is unknown, this may be set to 0, but none of the imported medications in CorEMR will be refillable.


RX Number,Patient ID,Medication Generic Name,Medication Brand Name,Medication NDC,Medication Strength,Medication Form,Total Doses,Units per Dose,Route,Signature,Expanded Signature,Provider Last Name,Provider First Name,Provider DEA,Date Prescribed,Start Date,End Date,Refills
"123456","45678","MedroxyPROG 150mg Syr","","59762453802","150MG/ML","INJ","0.01","1","IM","INJECT 150MG IM EVERY 3 MONTHS","INJECT 150MG IM EVERY 3 MONTHS","SMITH","JOHN","#######","20150114","20150119","20150317","0"
"123456","45678","Doxepin 50mg Capsule","Sinequan","59762453802","50MG","CAP","1","1","ORALLY","TAKE ONE CAPSULE(S) ORALLY AT BEDTIME","TAKE ONE CAPSULE(S) ORALLY AT BEDTIME","SMITH","JOHN","#######","20150114","20150119","20150317","1"