Alert Integrations

Minimum CorEMR Version: 6.0

CorEMR is capable of a bi-directional alert interface with a JMS system if both systems have been configured correctly to produce and consume alert messages. Alternatively, a JMS vendor can use the web service to add/update/remove alerts.

Each system, CorEMR & JMS need to agree on a pre-defined alert code map.

Alert Message Format

The message is in CSV format with seven elements.

1Jacket Number / Permanent NumberString(50)Y
2Booking NumberString(32)Y
3Date AddedDatetimeY
4Date RemovedDatetime
5Alert CodeString(32)Y
6Added User IdIntegerIf not provided, we will use CorEMR System.
7Removed User IdIntegerIf not provided, we will use CorEMR System.

For example, each system has agreed that HIGHCAL is the High Calorie Diet.

The following examples contain messages to add, and then to remove the coded alert.



If users are not mapped and we're processing an incoming message, the system will default to use the CorEMR System user.