Document Imports

Minimum CorEMR Version: 6.0

CorEMR can be configured to import documents to patient charts. This is useful if there are historic documents that need to be uploaded to patient charts, including CCDs, CCRs, MARs, Forms, and other associated documents. Additionally, this can be used for concurrent document exports from another system.

These documents will be added to the Documents section in the patient chart, as if someone scanned or uploaded them. The user will show as CorEMR System.

Folders & File Accessibility

The files need to be available to the CorEMR application server. This will most likely be a locally accessible folder on the CorEMR server, however we could use an SFTP or FTPS service as well. We will need read & write permissions to this folder, as we will remove files once they've been processed.


It can also work like this


Document Naming

The file name is critical. The default format we've defined is set up like this <external_id>_<booking_no>_<type>.pdf.

  • external_id is required.
  • booking_no & type are not required, but we strongly suggest you provide them.

If the default format can't be matched, that's ok so long as the alternate format retains external_id in a consistent way.

Ideally files would look like this:


As Booking number & type are optional, they may look like this:


Note: these would be uploaded to the patients currently active booking number, as Quick Archive Document types.

Non-default format, but it will work:


Document Types

If no type is specified on the document, CorEMR will import it as a Quick Archive Document. Otherwise we will use the following map by default

    MAR: "MAR",
    CCD: "CCD",
    CCR: "CCR",
    INTAKE: "Intake Form",
    RELEASE: "Release Form",
    RAD: "Radiology",

These maps can be defined as a JSON string, so custom type definitions may be used in the case of varying document types.